The economy cannot be revived in the way that most Anericans think. It is crass to suggest that Mitt will save America. The rich have gotten extremely richer under President Obama. Even before Obama took office, free trade agreements effectively outsourced manufacturing jobs, as well as other types of jobs. The Stock Market is the highest it has ever been. Mitt has declared his apathy for the poor, so why is his ‘expertise’ needed? Remember, Mitt made his money outsourcing and offshoring jobs.

Piers Morgan

Hot off the digital press, Piers Morgan has penned – or rather, typed – a new article for the “Daily Mail,” and in this post, he plays prognosticator, saying, in part:

“I believe Mitt Romney might just save America.”

With the general election now less than four weeks away, the “Piers Morgan Tonight” host noted that the man often classified as merely the strongest amongst a week group of GOP candidates, had suddenly powered his way ahead of incumbent Barack Obama, largely on the strength of his performance in Kentucky:

“It was his brilliant performance on Oct. 3 at the first of three presidential debates, where he scored the biggest win ever over an oddly downcast Obama, that propelled him into the favourite’s chair,” Morgan explained.

Having interviewed the former Massachusetts Governor on multiple occasions, the British television presenter feels he has a handle of the candidate’s character:


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